Ddns no longer works since Nov 19 2019

Since Nov 19, I keep getting:
193614 : verbose mode : 0 - run normal, NO console output
193614 CRIT : sanitize on domain found characters outside allowed subset - TERMINATE
193614 WARN : PID ‘3583’ exit WITH ERROR ‘1’ at 2019-12-10 19:36

Nothing has changed and reboots or service restarts cause the same error. I cannot start it manually either.


May I ask you for more details such as your model of the router, version of the operating system and which DDNS website are you using? Those details will help us to take a look at it.

Turris Omnia With the latest stable build.

I use changeip.com.

I found that it does not like the ‘-’ in ‘pppoe-wan’. I have not found a way to remove the ‘-’