Data collection and SSH Honeypot not working

it looks like since 11 October are not updated data in “Data from tour router” and also SSH Honeypot is not receiving any new data.

Turris omnia, TurrisOS 4.0.1

It looks like Honeypot is not working completely, if i try to ssh to my public IP port is closed.

Can somene from Turris team answer following qusetions?

  1. is SSH honeypot working in TOS4?
  2. is data collection working in TOS4?
  1. It works but you have to register device manually on and add device token to /etc/config/haas.
  2. It works but is not available to end users. It will be reintroduced. The only currently easily available component is dynamic firewall that is installed and automatically activated when you enable data collection package list in updater tab in Foris.

Thanks. if I have already registered Omnia with TO3, can I somehow get token? or I need to start from scratch?

Yes, you need to login to the website of the Honeypot as a Service, and after login, you can see there your devices. Find your device, which you used in the past and nearby it click on Device settings. Now you see the token and copy it and paste it to the configuration file /etc/config/haas, which you can find on your router.

If you would like to start from scratch, just create a new device.

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