Could some perks be combined?

Hello Everyone,

I already ordered the wifi router + 2gb + hacker`pack, and now may be want the nas case.

But if i order the nas case i would have two uneeded case (or case and top cover) - regular and hacker. And for nas case it will be another shipping item and price.

Could it be combined - nas case (with custom holes for connecting accessories like in hackers pack), board with wi-fi and hackers usb-uart cable in one shipping item?


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Hello, sorry, but this is not possible. The NAS case and the routers (and other perks) will probably ship in different times and from different places, so it would be more complicated for us to combine all the orders.

Second question.

In neibour topic i saw that the NAS case would not have additional holes for custom accessories.
This puts the choice - that to use - sata pcie + hdds in nas case or smart home in regular case with hackers top cover. But that if we have the desire or the need of using one device for all things?
I seem that design of NAS case will not be worse if it would be able to connect additional accessories via i.e. detachable holder like pc-case has for motherboards or pci-devices.