Could not install fresh omnia software

I tried to reset my turris omnia by formatting a usb key in Ext4, dropping the lastest tar.gz to the root and booting in the mode 4 leds (power, 0, 1 and 2). ANd nothing sticked to two fixed white leds.

Any ideas?


Would be great, if you have a serial cable, so you’d be able to check what is going on and why the reflashing of your unit wasn’t done.
If you don’t have the serial cable and you bought your unit during our Indiegogo campaign, ping me on together with your serial number, and I will write you, where you need to send the unit, so we can check it.

Otherwise, if you don’t buy your router during our Indiegogo, proceed RMA, if your unit is under warranty through your seller.

Hye @Pepe
I know what is a serial cable but do you have any documentation about it to double check. I bought an indigogo unit to a sweden guy, a 2GB version ( Selling my Turris Omnia 2 GB) so I will send you a picture with the serial number to the email support.

Thanks for this really quick support.


Yes, we have documentation for it.
That’s can be found here:

Sorry, don’t have this type of cable.

No need to worry about it! :wink: Sometimes, it might be useful to have it.
Anyway, I replied to you a few minutes ago via email.

Maybe for a next time. Where and what do I need to buy? I’ll reply to your email.