Could anyone compile driver for rtl8812au?

Dear all,
based on article I’ve bought USB WiFi adapter Netis WF2190 (to be connected to Mox Basic). I hoped that it will have worst-case the same number of flaws as SDIO WiFi for MOX. Adapter is automatically recognized by TOS 5.2.0 (HBS, new feature!) and drivers are installed (as well automatically). It is possible to scan neighbor networks in LuCi in both 2.4 and 5GHz bands, but not possible to use it as AP.
I have contacted turris support team, they agreed that device recommended in their article doesn’t work, and created But, it is there since Tuesday, June 1, 2021 and I understand that it has low prio.
Could anyone skilled from community compile this driver for me (and all others)?
Thanks in advance!


Let me correct this thing, is community documentation, when anyone can register and edit it to share his/her thoughts with others in one place instead of having on the forum, where the threads can be really long. We can not ensure that every device which is listed there actually works. I added mention that there are some issues with the listed USB Wi-Fi dongle.

Before this post was created, I replied to the GitLab issue and closed it as it seems related to OpenWrt/Linux kernel.