Control Omnia GPIOs from app in a container?

I running a web application in a jessie container and need to control the on/off of a number of the GPIOs on Omnia.
Is this possible and how would I go about getting this to work.

PS: I have done similar on a raspberry pi but never worked on Omnia before.

Thanking all in advance for assistance.


Gerry, in a few days will be published documentation for GPIO topic. If you send me your email at patrick.zandl at - I will send you a preliminary version.

Just map the GPIO devices to your container, and you should be good to go :slight_smile:

Thanks for this info and sorry for late reply, been busy on other projects…

Still need assistance on this: How do I map the gpio devices from turris to my container.

Really appreciate your reply.


There is no need to do any mapping from TO to your container.
Simply do the steps for mapping gpio in the container, like you would do it on the TO.