Contributing to Turris

Hey all,

I’m interested in contributing to the project, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of documentation on where to start, or how the code and build system are laid out.

For example, I found there github repos, but also a gitlab service. I submitted a patch0 via github, but it seems to just gone to /dev/null.

Should I be using gitlab instead?


Well we internally work with gitlab but we also check github. But all of this we do only in some spare time and we had little of that lately. I am sure that somebody will look into it shortly (lets say this week I hope).

Anyway thank you for your contribution and we are sorry that it takes so long to process it. (We had major bug in public release and two critical security vurnerabilities in past month so our packages mantainers are kind of occupied.)

No problem, just want to do what I can to help.

Do you have a process for, or are interested in, external community maintainers?

(FYI, I work for GitLab, so glad to see that is working for you)

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