Connection to NAS and internet drops while still connected to Omnia


I posted in Czech as well, here is it in English.

I installed and set up the Omnia Turris in Canada, I selected the best channels and width and transmit power and I am the only channel in my neighbourhood in 5GHz, so no interference there.

When connected to the router with my MacBook Pro, the connection to my NAS and internet periodically and randomly disappears. My laptop is still connected to the router, but no traffic is being exchanged with it. It interrupts my file transfers between my laptop and NAS and when I want to access website or the router, it doesn’t go anywhere. I have to disconnect my laptop from the router and connect it again. I’ve tried to restart both devices, but nothing helps. The router is unmodified, I just set it up using the wizard and then I played with the channels to pick the best one. The traffic is cut to 0.0KB/s upload download, upload going only 0.5KB/s max until I reconnect to the router.

I’ve had problems with my previous router, but this was never happening, my NAS was always solid online and any data transfers were never interrupted. Also I loose connection to internet, NAS and the router at the same time. Sometimes I can go online and to the router, while being disconnected from NAS. I assume that’s due to some instability of the router.

Can you tell me why it’s happening?

Thank you.

If you need any screenshots or logs, let me know, I can only attach one image here.

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This has happened a few times to me too, but in the past week since the latest OS updates has suddenly ramped up to be more than once per day. Just now, while streaming music to my laptop from my NAS, it happened three times in the space of 15 minutes.

The WiFi connection appears to be up but no traffic is being passed, I have to disable/reenable WiFi.

Nothing changed on the macOS side, it seems to correlate to the latest Turris OS update.

I’m having the same issue, it really sucks. Makes the device unusable. May have to buy another router and get rid of this one apparently as it isn’t reliable.

it has been resolved and never had this issue again. So far this router has been the most stable one I’ve had.