Connection test doesn´t work anymore after OS 3.9

Hi, according this thread: Connection failed in Foris (unsolved) and issue (solved) - SW bugs discussion - Turris forum my connection test seems to show only Errors on my Omnia, even after installation of OS 3.9.1 from usb. Internet works as normal, but connection test no.

As I can remember, on OS 3.8.4 it worked fine, then when I had issues with adblock after 3.9 update and was playing with schnapps (returned to 3.8.6, and get 2 errors, don´t remember which).

I have been waiting for next update from 3.9.1 but this problem seems to persist on 3.9.2.

Any ideas how to get it back to work again?


please, can you tell me why did you create another thread, when you have already one?
Continue discussion in your original thread, please.