Connection failed in Foris (unsolved) and issue (solved)

both. same symptoms.
Reflashed from usb medkit with same bugs. This was the last reason to throw away this scrap.
my connection is LTE SWAN.
more websites was unreachable till i switched off dns forwarding (or dnssec? dont remember…)
now i am using 4G-AC55U, stable asus with everything i need…

I’m really sorry that this happened to you.
I think you can have a different issue than the other user.
Can you, please send us diagnostics, when you disabled DNS forwarding or DNSSEC?
We thought that your provider could interfere with DNS and we’d like to look more on this issue.

sorry, the router is erased, packed into the box and ready for sale.

So, adblock uninstalled, router restarted and problem with connection test still persists…