Connecting Turris Omnia Router to Coaxial Modem on Bridge Mode

Hi all,

I try to use my Technicolor modem on bridge mode with my Turris Omnia.

  1. I set the coaxial modem on bridge mode and disable the wifi (2,4 and 5ghz).
  2. Factory reset on the Turris Omnia
  3. Reboot the technicolor modem and only the Turris Omnia plug on it on 1st port
  4. Set up the Turris Omnia… don’t work

What do I miss?

Best regards,


try different port on the cablemodem
try to put cable modem first on, then TO
( assume you have the DHCP on WAN port on ? )

also, if it is more complicated, look at syslog in Luci, see what goes wrong where? )

what does it mean that it does not work?

Does the modem/TO detect at least the physical link?
Do you see any traffic on WAN interface with tcpdump?
Are you able to ping the modem?

Hi Dikkehenk,

I think I used the LAN port on TO and not de WAN port.
I will try tomorrow!



This is my fault. I thought I shouldn’t use the WAN port on Turris Omnia.
All is working now!


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