Connecting to the SFP

Hi there,
I have a fiber cable @ home and I want to connect it to the Turris Omnia router.
When I insert it the WAN led lights up but the web interface says that there’s no link on the WAN and the I’ll probably won’t have internet access.
My ISP says that I need to configure the WAN to use vlan 300 ut.
How do I go about doing that?
I can see how to change the vlan on the lab interface, but not for the wan.
Thanks in advance

To use VLAN 300 on WAN side, just change physical interface of wan in LuCI from eth1 to eth1.300.

But be aware there may be some compatibility issues with SFP module anyway, so it may or may not work. In case it doesn’t work some further investigation may be necessary.

can anyone recommend SFPs which were verified to work with Omnia?

Which optical technology?

Generic SFP work with TO. The important part is that you get the correct one for your connection.
In Sweden the standard FTTH is 1000Base-BX-U 10km 1310TX/1550RX, i guess it is standard in all Europe. (I could be 1490RX as well). This is if you have one strand of fiber, it is multiplexed; different wavelengths for uplink and downlink.

I have verified that this SFP works with Turris Omnia

Generic Compatible 1000BASE-BX SFP 1310nm-TX/1550nm-RX 10km DOM Transceiver

It has a has a LC connector, but most FTTH has a SC connector so you need an SC-LC patch cable and a SC-SC coupler

1M LC UPC to SC UPC Simplex 2.0mm OFNP SMF Fiber Patch Cable

SC/UPC to SC/UPC Simplex Single-mode Plastic Fiber Optic Adapter , 0.2dB IL

The numbers are Fiberstore article numbers, do a search.
FTTH = Fiber To The Home