Connecting to Internbet over Coaxial cable

Hello in Forum.

I am still waiting for my Turris Omnia to arrive, in the meantime am I preparing for the set up.
In my appartment there is no telephone line, but there are two places for TVs, with connection to antenna/ Cabel. My question is if it is possible to attache Turris Omnia to the Coaxiak cable by using Adapter RJ45 <> IEC 82?
My research shows that the provider of Internet over Kabel provide their own router with an IEC 82 connection. Of course am I planning to use my Turris Omnia instead.
I can not find any information about this set up in the forum, so I am grateful for all information.


I think that you need to use provided router from your ISP.
Can we know your ISP?

First of all, differentiate between a modem and a router. And understand that there is a lot more to communicating over a medium than just the right connector.

If you use cable internet, for starters you need a modem that talks whatever protocol your provider uses. These days that’s invariably (Euro)DOCSIS 3.0. Moreover most providers do not support third party modems. There is a valid reason for that - bandwidth control in DOCSIS is delegated to the modem. So if you control your modem, you can (ab)use all bandwidth on the shared medium. That’s undesirable, both in terms of QoE for all users and commercial options (selling different speeds).

There’s a topic here already about CZ.NIC doing a USB EuroDOCSIS modem. Conclusion there was that that is a bit of a no-starter, both because providers don’t allow it and because CZ.NIC could not buy the required DOCSIS chips in the small volumes we would be talking about here. And (and I say this as a test engineer who tests DOCSIS devices for a living) the challenge in getting such a complex device working correctly with all the types of CMTS out there is so great large, estabilished companies with experienced engineering teams have HUGE issues getting stuff to work correctly. If you want to disrupt the DOCSIS market, by all means go for it, but if you just want a dongle for a router, really, don’t bother.


There’s more than one way to get data over coax. Inside the home you can use MoCA to transmit Ethernet over coax. The use case here is a home with coax cabling but no UTP (and no desire to lay cables), and want to get more bandwidth and reliability than PLC or WiFi can offer. Not sure if this falls under what jamtli is asking (but his question is pretty vague), but it could be an option. MoCA is pretty hard to find retail in EU (in US it’s everywhere), but Hirschmann Multimedia and Asheridge/Teleste make simple boxes based on Entropic MoCA 2.0 chipsets that let you get >400Mbps net throughput over coax between two locations in the home. Theoretically you could build this into an Omnia-like board, but given the limited number of people actually wanting this (a typical Omnia user has UTP everywhere :wink: ) it makes far more sense to just use say a Hirschmann MOKA-32 set externally if you want to connect the Omnia to somewhere else within the home over coax.