Connecting one Omnia to another

Hi all, I have two Turris Omnia which ive had for a while and am just now getting to set them up. I have the first one setup and working fine directly connected to the modem.

What I want to do is connect my second Turris Omnia (TO2) to the first one (TO1) wirelessly via WLAN0 on radio0 on TO1. I have a WWAN setup on TO2 radio0 connecting it to TO1 WLAN0, but I think im missing something else. I cant reach the internet on TO2 either from T02 or something connected on T02’s switch.

What do I need to do so T02’s switch is basically an extension of the T01 WLAN0 network?

Networking isnt really my thing so sorry if I explained this horribly, I just want T02 to wirelessly connect to T01 and basically be an extension of the network it connects to.