Confused about what hardware to buy for Turris Omnia router

I have done a number of searches, and cannot seem to find a list of hardware that will work with the Turris Omnia. I would like to add an LTE modem (North America AT&T), and a WiFi card. Here is what I was thinking: - though some posts say Quectel EC20 - thought it looks like a Compex card might have been included

Thanks for any information that can be provided

Quectel EC20 is the one that was shipped in LTE pack, so this one should definetly work.

I would recommend Quectel EC25-E, as it is newly supported from 3.6 TurrisOS according to the news.

Do not buy the Intel wifi card since these are kinda notorious for use as ap due to firmware and drivers. Buy either an ath9k/ath10k card or a mt76 one since these are the most supported and open source. Also keep in mind that normally one card can transmit on only one band.

Does that mean the Quectel EC25-A is also supported? That is the one I would need for North America. Thanks.

Well, I just noticed that I accidently bought the EC20-A, not the EC25-A. It should be supported by that same module. I will check when it gets here.

I am sorry for replying late.
Based on 1.

Seems that for EC25-A: B2 (1900) - AT&T, C Spire, ClearTalk…/ B4 / B12 are supported.

Thanks for the info. You weren’t late, I just posted it an hour ago.