Confused about moving /srv to external drive



In Foris > Config > Storage, there is an option to “Format and set” a partition on the mSATA drive I’m using. There is a warning “Device currently in use is mmcblk0p1 (internal flash).”

As I am already using the drive for mounting /srv/lxc and general persistent storage (it’s fully provisioned with no unpartitioned free space), I am unclear why I see this warning about using internal flash. Am I meant to wipe the drive and start all over, so that the Omnia uses the mSATA drive for all of /srv/? I thought I had taken the necessary steps already to preserve the internal flash memory by moving my LXC containers there, and using the rest of the available free space for permanent storage.

Should I just ignore this warning, and consider the error message a bug? Put differently, is there a lot of read/write activity to /srv/not including LXC containers? I’d like to confirm all the effort is worth it before deciding if the message is safe to ignore.


I have same experience - the addon is quite confusing and happily suggests to format disks which are already being used for /srv. It would be great it would recognize this and avoid the warning in such case.