Conflicts between configs

I can observe from time to time conflict between configs. During installation installer will detect change in original config and create -opkg file. In my etc folder I can see these files:



How to deal with this situation? Shold I after creation of -opkg config manualy review changes and merge possible config updates into config file? Is this an issue? How do you deal with these mismatches?

Manual control and editing.

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try vim -O file file-opkg (that’s a capital letter O). Will open vim with both files so you can do a visual comparison between the two. In my experience most of the time your file (the non-opkg file) will have a lot of additional configuration information in it because you set whatever it is up, so there really is nothing for you to do. I delete the -opkg files after I do a comparison. For those new to vim you can use hjkl to move around, ctrl-w ctrl-w to jump between panes.

Yep, but most aren’t installed by default, vim is.

diff -y file file-opkg