Configuring hardware RAID for the NAS perk

Hi all,

I received my Turris this week and have been getting acquainted with it today.

I plan on making good use of the NAS perk and install two Seagate 2TB harddrives in the enclosure, set up as RAID 1 (mirroring). They already contain data, so I will migrate one HDD, format it, copy the data, then migrate the second HDD.

Everyone seems to be setting a software RAID, either via the mdadm tool, or using the RAID feature of the btrfs file system. It escapes me why there are so few comments about the hardware RAID capabilities of the NAS perk (except for the lack of documentation).

From what I could find on this forum, the mini PCIe to SATA controller we received is this one:

I have a hard time finding information about how to set up its hardware RAID controller. From the same link, there is a “GUI” (from the manufacturer?) somewhere, or one could set some GPIO pins. The GPI pins of the Turris Omnia are depicted here:

Still, it’s not clear to me how to configure the controller for RAID 1 operations:

  • Can we do this via software using the Turris/openWRT/LuCI software?
  • Can we link these GPIO physically? Which ones and how?

Thanks in advance for any information.


See these links for why hardware RAID may not be such a good idea, anyway:

It most probably isn’t a hardware RAID controller, but one that is sold as one. Much like the ones integrated to motherboards these days. The RAID functionality is implemented in the driver on Windows. A hardware RAID controller would need a more expensive processor and some memory, preferably non-volatile.

Depends on the implementation and RAID level. The memory in many RAID controllers is there for speeding things up.