Configuration for LTE modem into turris omnia


I’m trying to install an LTE modem into my brand new turris omnia router. I followed the HW steps and then started the SW steps by creating a new network interface. I’m stuck at step 2 for setting up the modem device field because I don’t have the option ‘/dev/ttyUSB2’ in the menu. In the wiki, it is said that this may be due to a missing kmod-usb-serial-qualcomm package, but when searching for it on the LuCI interface (System --> Software), this package seems to be installed. What can I do to solve this?
I initially thought I could uninstall and reinstall the package, but after uninstalling it I could never search and install the package again. At some point, I did factory reset, which brought me back to having the package installed but not offering the option ‘/dev/ttyUSB2’ for the modem device field.
Thanks for your help!

Anyone able to help me? Thanks a lot!

What does the output of lspci show on your Omnia - has the card been recognised by the system? If not - did your hardware preparation include taping pins? If not, have a look here: Support for Quectel EP06 LTE-A?

Thanks! Indeed it worked with taping the pins.