Configuration backups from webinterface


this is addressed to the maintainers:
I had yesterday had my router/ap day which means I updated any device in two households to the latest versions. Once again my MOX was stuck in some reboot mode, where I couldn’t get it running anymore (don’t know if filesystem got corrupted, but this anyways happens every now and then (in serveral months)). I would have loved a good integration in SCHNAPS like it is on TO, but the blinking/pressing scheme on MOX does not work well for me - but I am used to that and have a good manual what to enter where to have it running again in <1 hour. But this time I took configuration backups from any router and ap (3 in household one and another 2 in household two) and was somewhat flabbergasted that in the allnew reforis GUI there is no option to download/create this backup but only in foris.
So here’s my question: Why didn’t you integrate this option while you removed it from the luci-GUI? Yes, SCHNAPS is powerful, but if I have to retrieve my storage (microSD in my case) because of a failure there is after foris is removed someday currently no standard option to backup configuration of a MOX. (side remark: yes, SCHNAPS snapshots can be downloaded, but not via GUI - at least not yet). Or will this option be moved to foris in the future?


The terminal and SFTP will serve the same for me …

schnapps create xxxxx
Snapshot number 271 created
root @ Turris_Omnia: ~ #

schnapp list
     # | Type | Size | Date | Description
------ + ----------- + ------------- + ----------------- ------------ + ------------------------------------
  270 | single | 12.31MiB | 2021-10-08 19:07:02 +0200 | xxx
root @ Turris_Omnia: ~ #

schnapps export 270  / srv / snap
Snapshot 270 was exported into localhost on / srv / snap as omnia-medkit-270
root @ Turris_Omnia: ~ #

And using an SFTP client (such as the Bitvise SSH client), they download the image to a PC

Maybe she could do a batch command to Luci - System - Custom Commands ??

As I stated in the op - I am aware of this being possible, but thanks for posting the exact commands :slight_smile:
Perhaps they have already forseen this for a future release, I just wanted to make sure they don’t remove the foris GUI without having implemented a similar (or enhanced) button to the reforis GUI.

in Foris, as far as I know, was a backup of the configuration files. It was not a disk image export

That is correct and stated in the op :slightly_smiling_face: