Compatibility with USB 3 hubs?

Some existing routers have issues with USB 3 hubs, have you tested any?

One 1000mA usb port is good enough to run at least two 2.5" pocket hard disks, or even a small hub, usb fan, usb ssd key and two pocket hard disks; tested :smile:

So there really may be users who want to plug in more hdd’s or other devices than just two, and thus some testing for USB 3 hub compatibility would be warranted.

Omnia with 4-port USB3 hub and 2 USB3 flash drives connected. :wink:


Same question I was going to ask. Good to know the answer. I am going to connect more than two drives to the Omnia! There wouldn’t be a limit to the hub size, would there? Since bigger hubs are powered separately there shouldn’t be a problem, yes?

Great! Thanks @MartinStrbacka!

@ml70 what do you mean with USB SSD key?


An example USB 3.0 SSD:

Write: 33MB/s
Read: 29MB/s

Thanks! The key part was confusing to me