Comparison with Synology RT1900ac


Is it possible to have a comparison with the Synology RT1900ac specifications?

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turris omnia

  • RAM (1GB vs 256MB)
  • USB (2x USB 3.0 vs 1 USB 3.0)
  • GPIO
  • Faster procesor with better architecture (1,6ghz dual core vs 1,0ghz dual core)
  • LAN ports (5+WAN vs 4+WAN)
  • free minipci-e port (ready for lte modem because of built in sim card slot or whatever you like)
  • open source with more options because of linux distro openwrt
  • more secure


  • faster wifi 2,4ghz - 600mbps (not many people have devices for this 256QAM) vs 300mbit
  • card reader
  • beamforming (I have beamforming on my router and it won’t help you much, better antenna is much better solution)

maybe there is more things to say. This is what i found out.

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