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I made a tutorial on how to setup SoftEther VPN in a lxc container on Turris Omnia.
I registered and obtained a password for the page of community documentation ( When trying to login, I get the message: Zadané uživatelské jméno a heslo není správně.
I don’t speak Czech, unfortunately. Can someone translate and maybe explain why I cannot login?


Its says that the user name and password is not correct.

Thanks for the translation.

However, I am using the name and password as were sent to me by
So maybe something is wrong on their side.

Can’t help you with that, are you using ctl+c and ctrl+v ? I’m asking as sometimes it copy empty space after word…

Thank you very much. Your tip solved it, now I can login.

Hi Marck,
thank you very much for your tutorial, but please, respect Instructions for wiki authors to keep wiki useful and clean.

Hi Vaclav,

I will for the next tutorial I will write. However I wrote this one before I saw the instructions.
Nevertheless, I think it is useful in its present state.

Thank you for the reply. Please, spare some time to copy-paste it and make the correct syntax there to follow the policy. Otherwise, it will be deleted.

Hi Vaclav,

I am not familiar with the Instructions. I have been studying them for a while. My document is 14 pages, so probably anyway too long to be suitable for a wiki.
I am fine if you remove it from the community documentation. I will make it available for those interested via a public download link on onedrive or the like.

Anything is suitable for wiki, if it is formatted for wiki (it will be shorter). One day, please, spare some time and copy-paste it, we will be glad to have such a good tutorial on our wiki.

Kind regards

Hi Vaclav,

I did give it a try. I hope it now does respect Instructions for wiki authors.

Kind regards

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I really appreciate it!

Tutorial is much better now, anyone can edit it and make it even better. I hope that I will have some time to correct some syntaxes and TRY the how-to but it’s not essential.

Thank you very much!