Collecting Ideas for Hardware changings


  • The cpu are a little bit hot. It can be, the voltage of cpu are are to high. Addition, it can be, the speed are in generell to high and it can be, the speed not depend are not depend on cpu load. That will be a job for the newer ending often new firmware updates and features.
  • In generell, replacing the cpu by x86 compatible low power AMD cpu, like on PC engines APU, will save much trouble with not usable x86 software.
  • Changing the position from top to antonym of top. By this way its possible to replace the terrible AL cooling block by AL cooling plate. Depend n this, cooling will be better on by open case of router.


  • Replacing the booth seperate 2,4 and 5 GHz WIFI cards by one dual WIFI cards. Thats save space, and energy.
  • By the way, the cards should be replaced by debian compatible cards…

Checking for possible VGA or HDI card:

  • pe. by mpcie Card (p.e about 200€)
  • pe. by Linux compatible usb to VGA or HDMI adapter (p.e. about 85€)
  • pe. by mpcie to pci cable (<5€) adapter and classical pci grafik card (start 5€)

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WiFi: it’s been discussed several times here that noone’s been able to find a suitable card capable of simultaneous dual-band. BTW, the 5G card in Omnia is dual-band.

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The follow cards looking like to have two separate channels for 2,4 and 5 GHz:

Yes, I know thats are miniPCI and no miniPCI-e cards. A its show, they are real dual channel WiFi card. It can be they are a miniPCI to miniPCI-e dapter, or one more kickstarter projects.