Cloudflare DDNS Update?

There is an issue with the Cloudflare DDNS package which appears to have been updated in the OpenWRT stream 9 days ago but I’m still having trouble on Turris. I’m running 4.0.3

How do I get this update onto my router?

Note that 4.0.3 isn’t even the current 4.x. Generally, OpenWrt master is a long way from a stable Turris OS, too.

The referenced pull request is for master branch. It means that it is present just in OpenWrt daily snapshots and in the HBD branch, which is using master branches. Your Turris OS 4.0.3 version is outdated. The latest and the last update for Turris OS 4.x series is Turris OS 4.0.5 based on OpenWrt 18.06. We are working on Turris OS 5.0, which is in the HBT(Testing) branch, which is based on OpenWrt 19.07. We are using the latest changes from appropriate branches.

  1. Ask in the referenced pull request to cherry-pick those changes to the stable branch (= openwrt-19.07/openwrt-18.06).
  2. Create a pull request with git cherry-pick -x HASH against the appropriated branch. It needs to be compiled and run tested, but this time we are not talking about binary changes and it is script, so run test is fine.

In this case, someone chose second way and created pull request:

If both opinions fail, which is unlikely, there is the third option.
3. Apply changes yourself of a router, but it sounds weird, right?
Then create a patch by using git format-patch -1 HASH and create pull request against turris-build repository. This is not preferred and not the best way as described in 1. and 2.

Once the changes are applied in openwrt-19.07 branch, it will be in HBK and HBL branches first and it will get to HBT and then to HBS.

Thanks Pepe I appreciate it.