Clients need to toggle wifi to stay connected

I have wifi devices across multiple OSes: macos, linux, android, iOS all exhibiting lost connectivity about 1-2 times a day which is immediately and consistently resolved by turning wifi off and on in the client OS. This has persisted for several months including automatic updates to the omnia.

I’m using both 5G and 2G networks. Both exhibit the same problem.

Turris OS version: 3.11.18
Kernel version: 4.4.199-a890a5a94ebb621f8f1720c24d12fef1-0


Yes exactly that’s what I am experiencing also last half year or so, as there was nothing about this in this forum thought I was the only one… It got better I believe or disappeared since I updated from 3.11.18 to 5.0.4 last week, have to wait and see…

I have same issue for all iOS devices (Mac, Iphone, …). @Pepe any info from Turris team tried to solve this problem? There is lot of people what have the same problem and i did not find any solution…

Since I’ve enabled 5GHz wifi next to 2,4GHz the problem has disappeared and all clients stay connected in both wifi bands. Hope this helps…

Hi, i will try it. Thanks for your answer.

Could you describe this a bit more, please? What do you mean by “enabled 5GHz wifi next to 2.4GHz”?

Thanks in advance,

I no longer have this problem. I’m not exactly sure what fixed it, but I believe having the network name SSIDs match exactly for both 2.4GHz and 5GHz allows the clients to autoswitch and seems to work more reliably.

Hi Atirado, in Forris admin interface under “wifi” enable both wifi 1 and wifi 2, this will activate both wifi cards and as what focusaurus says use the same SSID, maybe this helps.

Thank you for clarifying.

Question to all: Were you using WDS?

in my case: No.
Just two simple APs (2.4GHz & 5GHz), each has own SSID, both in the same IP(dhcp) network (as well as wired network).
5GHz is the problematic one.
TurrisOS: 5.1.10

IMHO using the same SSID for both bands is just “covering” the problem, not solving.

I agree.

In my own experience at my home network, switching between the two SSIDs works flawlessly without needing to run in WDS mode regardless of the band (5Ghz or 2.4Ghz).

I started to encounter the issue when I started using the same SSID running in WDS mode. But I’m not sure if its something introduced by the clients like a security check, or something introduced by the WDS Client or the WDS Access Point.

Right now, I’m operating with the TO as the WDS Access Point and a Linksys extender as the WDS Client using the same SSID. Everything started working normally after I made sure the client devices connected to both the WDS client and AP separately by physically moving closer to each. That makes me think about some kind of security check failing somewhere in the clients (MAC address check?).