Check when TurrisOS last updated itself? Force update?

Dear omnia team,

Many thanks for developing this device. I’m in the process of configuring it.
Unfortunately, while setting up the device, I had trouble accessing the internet which is why the setup wizard was unable to carry out the update.

Once I successfully configured the WAN port and had internet access, I wanted to manually force the update process / and check if it was successful.

Unfortunately, I could not find what the current version is (not what is mentioned in the router GUI, but on to compare against!) or how to force a manual update.

There should be large green label in the GUI that says: “last updated ON xx … this version is up-to-date” or something similar!!

Whenever there’s an upgrade, you’ll get a notification on the Foris homepage and, optionally, also an e-mail.

The updater process runs automatically twice per day, as defined in /etc/cron.d/updater. You can run it manually by executing, or also by saving changes on the Updater page of the Foris interface.