Changing DNS Server


How can I change the DNS Server used by the system of the Turris Omnia?

I tried setting it in /etc/resolv.conf, but that gets overridden often to I can see that kresd is used as a DNS Server, but I cannot find any documentation on how to change its resolvers…

In the LuCI Webinterface I did not find any settings either, only on how to pass different DNS Server via DHCP.

Thanks for help


Can you tell me which version of Turris OS are you using? Changing DNS servers is possible via Foris/reForis. In the later one, you can add your own DNS servers, which you like. Otherwise, there is a provided list of predefined DNS servers. More details can be found here:

/etc/turris-version shows me 3.11.21, is this detailed enough?

Is there a way to do it without the Foris Interface, because for some reason I cannot login to that one… It seems like thats a different password than the root password?


I removed the password with this: Reset Foris password and did set a new one.

In the Foris Web Interface I can only set predefined ones? How can I set custom ones? I am running two DNS Servers in our environment which I want to use for the turris omnia as well.

EDIT: Ok I tried to set the DNS Servers in WAN DNS Server 1 and 2, and then in DNS “Use forwarding” yes, and DNS Forwarder “Use provider’s DNS resolver”, but it does not seem to work, I cannot resolve anything from my local network.

I was able to find some documentation for kresd:

Therefor I was able to modify the knot-resolver to do what I wished for by modifing /etc/knot-resolver/kresd.conf:

-- define list of internal-only domains
internalDomains = policy.todnames({'XXX.XXX'})

policy.add(policy.suffix(policy.FLAGS({'NO_CACHE'}), internalDomains))
policy.add(policy.suffix(policy.STUB({'',''}), internalDomains))

Does someone know if this will be permanent?

It will be permanent, assuming you used an approach like this one.