Can't live without you (anymore) - Turris Omnia

Hello everybody,

this is just a small summary, what i am going to do with turris omnia.

my goal was to replace my “mini - computer” (Odroid-xu4).
So far i’m very happy, what i can do with my Turris Omnia.
Ofc i use it first way as Router with WLAN-AP.
I have some 2.4 wireless N clients and atm only one 5G ac client - both works fine.
I think the DHCP configuration usability could be much better - like a FritzBox maybe - just easy way use MAC addr -> IP with one click. Also lease time for IP addr by dhcp should be more easily configured by noob user…
anyway - it works great!
The build-in minidlna server works good out of the box, nice idea!
My Turris Omnia is set up to do some CIFS share for me - i did not often use it, but it’s easier way to clean some data trash on my network, in my opinion - instead of using ssh…
Next thing the turris omnia has to do, is to run zoneminder on it, for my two web/ip/ dog - cams.
it is so easy to set up a LX container! so far it runs smooth - it’s only to monitor - no recording, no idea if it is much more load, if you going to record it.
in a second container i am running pyload, since there are some problems with chaos calmer and some python packages, i can not run pyload directly on the router.
here i got a small problem, which maybe will dissappear, after reading some instructions.
i use a LXC Ubuntu 16.04 and want to get direct access to the mounted usb share. atm i am using the mounted cifs share - works but it is not needed traffic in the network.
at this moment i just want one more thing to do. so far i did not spend any time to think about, if i wanna set up openvpn server or client with the turris omnia…
For any questions, hints, suggestion i am happy! - you do any cool things wtih your turris omnia?
you going to share it with us?

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Nice! “What have I done with my Omnia” thread. :smiley:


  • OpenVPN
  • Smartmontools
  • 2x 3TB WD Red
  • 2x LXC Container - Ubuntu 16.04

1st Container - AppServer

  • Deluge BitTorrent Client
  • miniDLNA
  • LAMP Stack
  • ownCloud
  • Let’s Encrypt
  • RoundCube webmail

2nd Container - MailServer

  • Postfix
  • Dovecot
  • SpamAssassin
  • ClamAV

Why not use Nextcloud instead of ownCloud?

EDIT: Could you give me a URL to guide/manual how you managed the containers. I want at least to turn on ssh, but don’t know how.

I, too would love a quick guide. Especially for the mail server, since that’s something I’m interested in setting up myself.

For most of them is just google it as if you are putting them on a Ubuntu 16.04 server in this case.

LXC - useful information to get to know LXC, i’m also new to LXC. Just figured most of it yesterday and today -

Deluge Headless - for using ppa’s, you must first install something. Past the next in the lxc-terminal.
apt install software-properties-common
Also look if you have a external-harddisk or internal mSATA ssd to put the downloads on. I haven’t configured this part my self.

LAMP stack

Let’s Encrypt - Do keep in mind that you have to install LAMP before doing this.

I would rather advice to use Nextcloud instead of ownCloud. Do keep in mind that you have to install LAMP before doing this.

Smartmontools i THINK are already installed on the Omnia.

The rest of the applications…just google “application-name ubuntu 16.04 server” or “application-name Ubuntu 16.04 headless”.

Let me know if you need help.