Can't connect to wifi

Hi there

Fresh 3.8.1 installed but I can’t connect to wifi. It seems authentication is all fine, but 2 smart phones and 1 notebook get stuck at “Obtaining ip address”

And for completeness, devices connected via ethernet will get an address?

yes but I have no entry in luci’s active dhcp leases despite one notebook connected by lan

Ok, I did reset the whole TO… set it up again… then I could connect to wifi… now I did set hostnames through the luci interface… assigned a hostname to the notebook (lan) and smartphone (wifi).

Despite having saved and applied, hostnames did not work.

So I rebooted the TO. Now the hostnames seem to resolve, however with my smartphone I’m stuck again at “Obtaining ip address”

Did reset whole TO again… and still can’t connect to Wifi… it’s stuck at “Obtaining IP address”

also the Windows 10 I can’t connect to it… well, it does connect in the end but it has a weird ip and no default gateway…

After reseting again, updting to latest firmware and enabling “Enable DHCP clients in DNS” I couldn’t even get a proper network connection through ethernet to the TO.

That’s something with DHCP or even lower in the stack. 169.254.*.* are local fallbacks in case of failing to obtain an address. (I’m sorry I can’t help more.)

WTF? Resetted again to original firmware… let it autoupgrade… and again I don’t get ethernet or wifi connection…

So, firmware reset again, let it update… after it update to 3.8.1 I can’t connect with wifi again…


Have same problem.
Had to do a factory reset, the first setup works fine. After that upgrade to newest OS wifi fails and ethernet is always working like for 15 secconds and then need to re-plug it.

Am stuck on the original FW until there is a solution…

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Fix described here: Wifi not working - stuck at "Obtaining IP Adress"

Doesn’t help - wifi still broken.

I have the same problem.
When factory-reset to version 3.2…, all works just fine.
But when updated to 3.8.1, Wi-Fi stops working immediately and LAN follows soon after.

Turris team, may we ask you to please take a look into this?
I’d rather use all the features and all the (not only security) updates than to be stuck at with and obsolete version of the system.

Thank a lot