Cannot activate Data Collection

When I try to activate Data Collection and enter my email address, it gives me the error message “An error occured when checking the registration: Failed to query the server.” This happened after the upgrade to 3.9 and 3.9.1.

Any ideas for a work around? Thanks.

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If you already had data collection activated in the previous version, read on. Just a workaround. In the 3.9 version, I checked out the data collection to uninstall Haas. And then I tried to log in again and I got the same error. So I did schnapps rollback to the previous snapshot: and waited again for update on 3.9. And that’s it. I’ve seen this bug somewhere here, I think the team knows about it. I just can’t find it. (I think it was a screenshot).

I came back a few hours later and tried again.

Guess what? It works now. I did a back up so I can restore back to having the data collection, should I need to.

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Schnapps is worth trying, but it’s up to you. I don 't think it’s necessary. I just ran the 3.9.1 update. As somebody from the team wrote somewhere haas will need some further work. So we have to wait a few weeks. I’m still looking there once a month. So I look forward to the next update.

I just completely reinstalled my Turris 1.0 today (reflash to 3.6.5, update to 3.9.1) then migration to btrfs and I am facing same issue while trying to setup Data Collection again.

EDIT: In meantime, I had disconnected cable from WAN and connected it again. Data Collection now shows as working. There was no need to enter email again, after failed attempts.

Having the same error.

An error ocurred when checking the registration:
Failed to query the server.

Log shows
Dec 24 12:54:03 kukuzi foris-controller: Failed to parse content of '/usr/share/server-uplink/registration_code'.
Any idea?

I got an email that Data Collection still doesnt work. While it was showing as configured in Foris before, after refreshing the page for a few times, it shows as not configured now. After providing email address, same error is shown as before. (Failed to query the server)

Registration working now after several hours waiting and restart yesterday (restart did not solve it in first hand). Maybe a update of packages (opkg update) solved it.

Guys is there someone, who has still this issue?

Right now I’m looking, what should be wrong with it, but as workaround you can activate data collection by this:
Just run this in terminal


(and you can make sure that you have some registration code in file /usr/share/server-uplink/registration_code)

Go to Foris and fill your email and it should work.


I tried it for you. I couldn’t sign in. The code was there, but the error dialog in Forris appeared.
I sent a report to tech support.

After some time I managed to log in, so I go back to the previous snapshot.

Edit: Just reply to your support message. Thank you. Finally, it also worked for me. I just unnecessarily rolled back in the test.

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/usr/share/server-uplink/registration_code file is empty.

After manually running /usr/share/server-uplink/

Registration for the entered email is valid. Now you can enable the data collection.
Configuration was successfully saved.

And /usr/share/server-uplink/registration_code contains code.

Resolved for me,


@PatrikSamuelTauchim had the same issue, your solution fixed it for me. thanks!

Seeing this issue after restore from latest medkit, build 2018-06-26. Running your command fixed the issue.

The problem is probably something worth looking into.

The issues is still present also in current medkit, 2019-06-18

Please don’t revive thread, which are year and half old. There was a temporary outage in whole DC 1 in CRa Tower, which affected some of our services. Now, it should be up and running.

Hi @Pepe

The outage was today, yes, I noticed.

But the issues not being able to setup Data Collection with fresh new medkit happend during weekend. And exactly the approach above creating the file manually helped immediately.

So I think this is exactly the correct thread to continue cause the issues is still in place even after half a year :slight_smile:

I guess the script is not triggered after new fresh medkit introduction.