Cannot acces web interface by

Hello friends

I cannot access the web interface of my turris omnia. I get the mesage:

Die Seite funktioniert nicht hat keine Daten gesendet.

The router is working mormal, restart don’t help, factory reset I would like to avoid, a lot of fix IP set, probably not saved. Bitfdefender Firewall switched off.

Thanks for any help?


Hi Heinz,
ssh works?

If yes,
you can try in shh this command:
/etc/init.d/lighttpd restart

As second you can try in ssh this:
maybe was problem with update, this should run updater again, as you can read there Can ssh into my Turris Omnia but cannot login to Foris or LuCi interfaces

The same, after update to 3.6. You are not alone, this upd is a disaster.

The same by me. Renew this page in browser help me.

The same problem. It’s a new feature of the update 3.6. The solution for me was router restart.

Hi Heinz, bitte benutze und nicht http://

Please use not http://

lighttpd restart helps for a while, it is not http/https problem