Can I use the SFP and WAN port simultaneously?

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I’ currently using an Omnia Turris Model 2020. I use it primarily as Access Point and host of some micro services. It is not used as my WAN gateway, there is still a low feature fritzbox in use for various reasons. Anyway: I’m thinking about buying another Omnia Turris (main use will be as an Access Point a few rooms away and will connect to consoles/TV and multiple PCs). As my rooms are installed with an optical cable between each other, I think about using the SFP port as the interconnect between the two Turris.

My main question is: Will I be able to use the RJ45 WAN port and the SFP simultaneously, as I do not use either one of them as a real WAN connection? (They will both configured under the same “br-lan”.) This would be great, because this would create an extra RJ45 port for devices.

Second question: What SFP module would you guys recommend? As of writing this message, I’ve read this thread (Supported SFP modules) and now I’m not sure, if I will have any luck of getting it to work at all…


Have a look into documentation: About - Turris Documentation - Network interfaces:

Turris Omnia has three physical Ethernet ports. One of them (eth2) is dedicated as WAN and connected directly to WAN port. That can be either metallic or SFP. If you plug in SFP module, the metallic port will get disconnected. If you unplug the module, metallic port will be functional again. In Turris OS 3.X this can be done at runtime, on newer version changing the configuration requires reboot.

I.e. either RJ45 or SFP :wink:

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