Can adblock be configured to different network interfaces?

Assuming that I have a LAN with a dedicated wifi antenna and a guest network with a dedicated wifi antenna, can the adblock service be configured to screen the LAN’s traffic, but not the guest’s?

Knot Resolver configuration can condition any kind of rules based on address (prefix) of the client (including the ruleset type generated by adblock). I’m not aware of any (nice) integration with adblock or the rest of the config, though.

BTW, what is the motivation for not blocking in the guest network?

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Is there a UI to configure this or would I need to modify a configuration file? Assuming that the guest network was created by Foris, with the default settings, what would you recommend for the rule(s)? I’m a n00b with kresd.

My friend would like to have a simple way (like changing wifi nodes) for his guests (and wife) to switch between blocking and not blocking ads. Sometimes they want to be able to click on an ad and have it route to the end location (oddly enough).

I’m not aware of any noob-friendly way.

Maybe you’d prefer browser-based blockers. They can be more precise, as domain name isn’t always sufficient information, and they can be very easily disabled temporarily IIRC. I don’t consider myself an expert on ad-blocking, as I don’t block – I rarely visit sites where ads are annoying, partially thanks to paying for content that’s most useful to me.

I’m actually using pi-hole on a LXC container, which works well for me. I wasn’t able to get adblocker to work w/ TOS4 on my Omnia.

As I mentioned, this is for a friend, who also has an Omnia, which I “support” as a courtesy. My friend doesn’t like the browser-based blockers (e.g. uMatrix), hence the adblocker suggestion.

If I have the time, and he’s buying the beer, I’ll research the option that you suggested.


Oh, if it’s pi-hole then ignore my Knot Resolver comments (as blocking isn’t done on that layer in that case).