Cable with european plug and fuse

I have bought a second hand Turris Omnia which was coming with a UK plug with integrated fuse.

As I live in France, I use a different kind of plug. I had spare cable so I had no problem to replace it. But my cable has no fuse.

Where may I find a cable with European plug and fuse? Does the Turris Omnia sold in EU comes with such a cable?

I believe it comes with an europlug – as usual for small devices in many EU countries. (BTW, I believe it’s also typical not to have any fuse in the cable/plug itself in these countries.)

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@vcunat is right, you don’t have to worry about the fuse inside the power cable, it is just a :gb: thing :slight_smile:

You can use Turris Omnia PSU with a cable like this:

Just a note: this pair of connectors on the cable seems a very common combination, and I personally often reuse these cables from other devices.

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Thanks. I did not know all UK plugs had a fuse.
I have indeed used a standard cable without issue. I was just thinking the fuse had been added for extra protection.