Building a package (Fossil) for Turris Omnia?


I use the awesome Fossil SCM suite, and I have been running my local Fossil server on a PC with the repo on my Turris Omnia NAS. Not exactly fast, nor as simple as I’d like, but it gets the job done.

Today I realized I should be running the Fossil server on the Omnia itself, not just for file access efficiency, but also to make it easier to add secure remote access.

Sure enough, there is a Fossil package for the Omnia! But it is 4 years old (v1.34) and lacks major features I rely upon. I need something more recent.

How should I build Fossil to install and run on the Omnia? Building Fossil is easy (, but I don’t know how to target the Omnia.

I searched the documentation and found nothing obvious (to me). I’m certain it exists, so I probably just missed seeing it. I did find a post on the forum about manual package installation, but not targeting a build to the Omnia.

Is there a proven recipe I can follow?


Sigh. Knew I’d find clues right after posting.
Create a package:
Omnia build environment:

Which means I should be able to take the current Fossil package definition and build it fresh.