Bug: kresd’s dynamic_domains feature fails after /etc/init.d/kresd restart

I configured uci set resolver.kresd.dynamic_domains=1 && uci commit and rebooted my router.

This enabled resolving e.g. a computer named x1 by resolving x1.lan.

Unfortunately, after running /etc/init.d/kresd restart, resolving x1.lan does not work anymore.

This is because /etc/kresd/dhcp_host_domain_ng.sh uses kresd’s non-persistent tty interface to add hints.config("/tmp/kresd/hints_dynamic.tmp") to the config.

Could you please move this configuration setting into /etc/init.d/kresd, so that it properly persists?

I don’t expect that change to be so easy, because kresd in general can’t just reload configuration (when it changes).

Anyway, I see the script is completely rewritten, probably expected around 3.8 Omnia release.

We don’t need to reload the configuration, we just need to set it correctly in both the init script and via the tty interface.

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There were some more changes around this now, so maybe it’s fixed or improved now. I don’t know these parts well, perhaps @paja.

/etc/kresd/dhcp_host_domain_ng.sh was replaced with /etc/resolver/dhcp_host_domain_ng.py.

You should use /etc/init.d/resolver restart, which handles properly restart for dynamic domains .