Browser name resolution for local servers

Hello there!

I am using kresd with pihole as an upstream DNS server and dnsmasq for local address resolution, so ping turris.lan works quite well, however I want to be able to write turris.lan into the browser and access Forris or Luci that way (not an essential functionality, but hey, I want it). I really have no idea why it doesn’t work with the current setup. Can anyone point me in the right direction?


Hi, it works with default settings. No need dnsmasq for local zone.
Just tested now: turris.lan open login dialog to foris.

I am sincerely happy for you.

However there wouldn’t have been a new topic if it did for me. So my config has an issue of some kind, I want a tip on how to diagnose it.

Now this is interesting: apparently this is happening because my IPv6 is misconfigured, aaah, all the shiny toys that I have no working knowledge of.

Can you explain this? I’m especially interested in anything closely related to knot-resolver (kresd).

Don’t quote me on this, but apparently I left my IPv6 config in a rather poor state after I played around with it back in the days and didn’t either make it work or revert the changes. By whatever reason nslookup was using only the upstream google IPv6 DNS server and didn’t even see my IPv4 server. After I reverted the config a bit, nslookup starter seeing both and could finally resolve my local servers.