Bridging WAN to VLAN on LAN side

What I want to do is bridge the WAN side (eth1) to a VLAN on the LAN side (eth0.199).

I’ve been trying to get this to work for a while without much success. Either I end up with an unresponsive Omnia or I get a bunch of “received packet on eth1 with own address as source address” in syslog.

I’ve setup this a couple of ways, but basically, I create a VLAN in the switch config, assign it as tagged on the LAN0 and CPU ports (I’ve tried Port 6/eth2 also), change the LAN interface config to not bridge eth0 but eth0.1 and eth0.2, and change the WAN interface to be a bridge of eth1 and eth0.199. Suddenly all this spam in syslog. I can’t understand why.

I’ve seen the guy over at VOIP and IPTV VLANs on separate physical ports but he wants to bridge untagged to certain physical ports, and I want to bridge tagged to a specific LAN port that is already in VLAN 1 untagged. If I try to replicate his solution but change it for my problem, the Omnia stops responding.

I’ve been using OpenWRT and Linux for many many years now, but I’m obviously missing something (or I’m stupid, or it’s late, or a combination…).