"Bridging two networks"


Actually I have two routers at home. The one integrated in my isp box provider and TO. The ip adresses in my isp router is in the range of 192.168.0.* and turris omnia is 192.168.1.. I tried to change the ip range of TO to 192.168.0. but it’s bringing lots of problem. Is that possible in TO to make machines in the isp box router available and discoverable from TO?

Thx for your help

If you are connecting the lan side of TO to your other router, then you need a ip for omnia that is not included in the dhcp range of your other router and disable the dhcp server on TO or provide a different range.(rather easy solution)

If you are connecting the wan side of TO to your other router, you need a static ip on the wan side (192.168.0.XXX), you need to change the wan firewall settings or make an new firewall zone that will allow (input, output, forward) traffic (given that your other router provides firewall) from the wan side (if there exist well designed web servers on your 192.168.0 lan, you might also need to activate masquerading to be reachable from TO 192.168.1.* lan ).(rather advanced solution)

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