Box for Board Only

Hello everybody, who have board only version of turris.
I Seeking inspiration for storing my board.
Are there some worthy people and shared ther sollution ?
Does anyone box model for 3D printing ?
I’ve never done anything in 3d and for me it’s a total battle :smiley:
Thank you in advance.

I used a cardboard box for storage for a different board-only (witi)

They released 3D printing drawings while ago, feel free to print your case… :wink:

But this is 3D model of board. Not model of box.
Make design of box for 3D print is hard for someone, who never make somethink in 3D.
Who don´t know how to make it so that it printed well. There is many think where you need some experience. Even if you had one attempt print it. It can collapse during print… etc.

This is reason why i created this topic. I want to find somebody more experienced. Who have some own “know how”…

I guess that you can also get the original box from buyers of the NAS perk :slight_smile:. I definitely have no use for it, so I’m happy to sell it…

PS: It’s blue box and I’m from Prague.

Yes, this is best solution !! :sunglasses:

I will also probably have one black available for sale as soon as my Omnia arrive …

does anyone in Germany want to sell his/her (black) box?


My original blue box is up for sale (along with the blue wall mount) as I have ordered the NAS box at a later stage (and I live in Germany)…

I am looking for box around Ostrava / Opava.

Jedna modrá krabička na prodej v Praze (One Blue box for sale in Prague):

PS: Případně možné doručení Brno nebo i jinde na jižní moravě…

Černa krabice bude k dispozici v Brne.

@herimuc: Is your box still available and how much money do you want?

If anyone is still looking for one empty black box, i have spare one (due NAS perk).

@adminX: Box still is available (wall mount is however already sold). As to the price I was thinking about 30€ plus postage as for less I would presumably rather keep it myself :wink:

Sorry, i am out. I killed some old hardware accidently and getting a replacement seems to get quite expensive. :slight_frown:

If you do don’t mind how the wall is looking like…her is a simple solutions :).

it’s wonderful!!!