Bought a new MOX Classic: SDIO Antenna Cables are (accidentally?) not connected to SDIO-Board?

Recently I have bought a new MOX Classic.

When shaking the router, I discovered there was some “loose” sound coming from inside. I have opened the router and found out the cables of the SDIO-antennas are not connected to the SDIO-board (on MOX A module).

Is the Classic shipped with disconnected/non-attached SDIO-cables by default? I fear that the cables could cause some short-circuits on the board when flattering around…

It seems that someone here has had the same issue?

The antennas come off very easily. So they could also have come off during transport.
As long as the device was not on, there was no danger of a short circuit. Just connect them again :wink:

Is the SDIO WiFi adapter recognized in the system and can a WiFi network be created?

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Thanks for your reply! :grinning:

No, unfortunately the SDIO WiFi adapter is not getting recognized by the system. Any recommendations what else to check?

However, the mPCIe WiFi adapter works like a charm.

Looks like they still haven’t solved the problem you linked to.

What does the command dmesg | grep mwi give you?
Check in LuCi or via SSH whether kmod-mwlwifi and mwlwifi-firmware-88w8997 (driver & firmware) are installed.

Do you also have a solder bridge like the one in the pictures from the linked thread?
Can you take a picture of it? And also of the back of the MOX board? I also read somewhere that the pins of the connection board were not provided with soldering points. :no_mouth: