Boot Recsue is broken

After flashing wrong uboot and recovering uboot with kwboot all Boot Rescue funktions are not working.
How can i recover Boot Rescue ?

Thanks in advance

U-Boot 2015.10-rc2 (Dec 18 2018 - 13:34:08 +0100), Build: jenkins-omnia-stable-363

SoC: MV88F6820-A0
Watchdog enabled
I2C: ready
SPI: ready
DRAM: 2 GiB (ECC not enabled)
Enabling Armada 385 watchdog.
Disabling MCU startup watchdog.
Regdomain set to **
MMC: mv_sdh: 0
SF: Detected S25FL164K with page size 256 Bytes, erase size 64 KiB, total 8 MiB
00:01.0 - 168c:002e - Network controller
01:00.0 - 11ab:6820 - Memory controller
01:01.0 - 168c:003c - Network controller
Model: Marvell Armada 385 GP
Board: Turris Omnia SN: 0000000*********
Regdomain set to **
SATA link 0 timeout.
SATA link 1 timeout.
AHCI 0001.0000 32 slots 2 ports 6 Gbps 0x3 impl SATA mode
flags: 64bit ncq led only pmp fbss pio slum part sxs
Net: neta2
Hit any key to stop autoboot: 0
Setting bus to 1
SF: Detected S25FL164K with page size 256 Bytes, erase size 64 KiB, total 8 MiB
device 0 offset 0x100000, size 0x700000
SF: 7340032 bytes @ 0x100000 Read: OK
Bad Linux ARM zImage magic!

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This (and the other thread) seems all a bit messed up. It is hard to grasp what state the router is actual in.

However, have your tried yet to reset the uboot env?

Thanks for reply.

I have tried to reset uboot environment with " env default -a" and “saveenv” but no change.
If i try Reset procedure 2,3,4 or 5 i get message “Bad Linux ARM zImage magic!”
Booting Debian ( or OpenWRT
via TFTP is possible. If i flash OpenWRT with TFTP and SYSUPGRADE OpenWRT boot but it is not
possible to log in.

I am not sure that you got the TO boot env and not something else from the work you conducted previously (wrong u-boot file and kwboot).

There are 1 or 2 boot env samples in the forum, to compare with.

Maybe a silly idea but try a different pen drive and/or different drive format.

I used uboot from here :
kwboot from here does not work, i used kwboot from debian sid.
Boot Rescue Nr. 5 (shell) needs no pen drive and does not work to.
Uboot environment is identical with the version i found here in forum.

Here ( i found
that memory layout has 2 partitions. I think recovery partition is damaged.
How can i write this partition ?

Did you have a look at [OpenWrt Wiki] The OpenWrt Flash Layout ?

This one mentions

Use the mtd-utils commands to flash the /dev/mtd2 partition:

It could also be the case, depending on age/usage, that the NAND is worn out. Reckon in such case you would need to contact the TO support (or worst case procure a new unit, unless you are familiar with board soldering and replacing the NAND).

Rescue image is located in NOR, so content of the eMMC has no efect. Once you boot your Omnia (you can use omnia-initramfs-zimage from the link bellow), erase partitions mtd0 and mtd1 and write into them files from

uboot-turris-omnia-spl.kwb to /dev/mtd0
omnia-initramfs-zimage to /dev/mtd1


After flashing omnia-initramfs-zimage to /dev/mtd1 it is possible to start Boot Rescue.
With this Boot Rescue it is not possible to flash a Image with 4 LED reset.
In serial console i can see 10 times “/bin/ line 1: /usr/bin/awk: not found”
“which awk” says “/bin/awk”. Where can i find a correct version ?

With this version boot rescue works correct :
Many thanks for help to all.

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