Board Only Discontinuing and Case Color Confusion

Hey Turris Omnia team:

Today you posted an update stating that the Board Only perk would be Discontinued. I am one of the backers of this perk and was wondering if this means that we will not be getting the board only now since you state:

“The demand for this version was very low and it presents a complication for handling and logistics”

The reason why I bring this up is because I see on my order page the option to choose a color for the case for the router. However, I never purchased the perks that included the case with the router - only the router board itself (I plan on installing this router board into a server case).

So hopefully you will be able to ease my mind as to what I should be expecting in the coming months.

Still awaiting an official answer, please…

David, this only means that you’re not going to be able to buy the board only perk in the future. Of course you’re going to receive your order.



M4x is right, you will receive your order, don’t worry and sorry for a late answer.