BlackVPN or other VPN service with specific Virtual Wireless

Dear all,

I am playing around with different VPN services now for a while. I am not so firm on UNIX and networking skills anymore, so I appreciate some tips/help in plain english( just think about me like your Saturday night taxis driver) for the following problem:

I would like to setup some SSIDs with different hard wired VPN services behind. This SSIDs should only connect trough this VPN to the internet. If the VPN tunnel breaks down, it should not fallback to my regular WAN.
SSID1: UK–> UK VPN service
SSID2: US–> US VPN service
SSID3: HK–> HK VPN service

I would like to use BlackVPN as a service for this, but I am open to better suggestions as well.
Thanks a lot for your help.

Best regards