Bitcoin or Ethereum node

Has anyone tried to install a Bitcoin or Ethereum node on turris?
Any tips?

I don’t think this HW is suitable for mining. (At least in terms of good efficiency.)

yea, bad idea.

your router will run hot from things other than routing and gains will probably be in the realm of error margin.

I don’t have any intention of mining on turris, it would indeed require a lot more computing power to be profitable.

Running a full node can be done without mining. It allows you to secure the network, have a say in the governance of the cryptocurrency and execute transactions yourself instead of relying on others.

It’s just going to require space to store the blockchain data. But I have the turris NAS so this shouldn’t be a problem.

What I’d like to know is what turris configuration would be best to install the client. For instance for Ethereum, there’re plenty of clients available:

I see. I’d say LXC is your best bet:

@donhylo check this link, it’s a report from someone installing a full Bitcoin node on a Turris Omnia.

Alos check cyphernode, it was just released this past week. Full hardware requirements will be published soon, if you decide to try it please report back here.

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