Bird4: crash with multiple BGP sessions

I have two BGP sessions on Bird. If I enable only one, regardless of which of these, all work without issues but if I enable the two BGP session Bird crash.

The only error message is: “Connection closed by server.”

My bird config:

Using the most simple configuration that has occurred to me both BGP sessions are established:

router id;

protocol device {
        scan time 10;

protocol kernel {
        scan time 20;
        import none;
        export none;

protocol static {
        route reject;

template bgp dn42peer {
        local as 64527;
        import none;
        export none;

protocol bgp nixnodes from dn42peer {
        neighbor as 76103;

protocol bgp blazing from dn42peer {
        neighbor as 4242420022;
bird> show protocols 
name     proto    table    state  since       info
kernel1  Kernel   master   up     19:22:03    
device1  Device   master   up     19:22:03    
static1  Static   master   up     19:22:03    
nixnodes BGP      master   up     19:22:16    Established   
blazing  BGP      master   up     19:22:23    Established

I think I had a fail in my configuration (but it is strange that it worked with one BGP peer and it did not with two BGP peers), I am not expert on BGP… I will continue trying and aggregating more configuration.