Behavior of switch during a reboot

I’ll test this by turning the router off when the house is quiet but while I’m waiting for that, can someone provide detail on the following:

  1. The Omnia is the only router on the network
  2. I have seperate VLANs - DMZ, Wireless and Wired. These are set up in the Omnia using port allocation and tagging on the CPU port. Untagged egress since hte downstream managed switches handle the tagging and trunks where necessary.
  3. There’s a server that sits on the primary LAN that transmits LCDProc data constantly to a wireless device that shows the actual data (super-geek :wink: ). This is normally very sensitive to network outages and the lcdproc daemon doesn’t re-establish connectivity if the comms break for even a short while.

So… during a reboot of the Omnia to replace the kernel after the recent 3.5 drop, I noticed the LCD display was constantly running. In theory there’s nothing to route the traffic between the wifi VLAN and the primary LAN other than the Omnia. No other device in the house sits on both of the VLANs other than the managed Level 2 switches.

The question - before the OS boots, does the Omnia default to a plain switch? Both devices in this question have their arp tables populated. The wifi VLAN is on Eth4.