AWS SDK for C++

We’re happy to announce our first contribution to the OpenWRT and Turris OS ecosystems - the package for AWS SDK for C++.

The package source is published in our feed available at: (git clone only at the moment)

You can consume this feed by adding the following line to your feeds.conf file:
src-git octagon

After updating your feeds, you can find the package located in menuconfig group Libraries -> aws-sdk-cpp. Since it’s a development library package, we’re not providing a binary version.

You can build the package by running:
make package/feeds/octagon/aws-sdk-cpp/{clean,compile} V=s

We’ve decided to share the announcement here because Turris Omnia is our favorite development hardware. We hope you find the package useful. Your feedback is welcome.


We’ve just released a new version of our package featuring AWS C++ SDK 1.7-266.

Change build settings of the package, adjust CMAKE_OPTIONS on line 34 of package/feeds/octagon/aws-sdk-cpp/Makefile.

To build in Debug mode add line:
plus build the package unstripped:
make package/feeds/octagon/aws-sdk-cpp/{clean,compile} V=s STRIP=true

To speedup builds, build only client for selected service, add line (example):
-DBUILD_ONLY="route53" \

We hope you find this package and info useful.