Average load is 3 or higher

Hi all,

as you can see on image my Average load is 3 or more. It is ussually when I start to streaming some video from miniDLNA server. But proccess for miniDLNA takes almost nothing from CPU load. In logs is nothing… Can you please help me with this?

Since some very old Linux version (maybe even before version 2) is load calculated from not only just cpu but also from io operations. This differs its load implementation from all other unix like systems. So your minidlna isn’t loading cpu but kernel is doing a lot of io operations that is why your system has high load.

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Aha, ok. So how to start to troubleshoot it? Can you send me some commands or workflow?

Thanks a lot!

There is nothing to troubleshoot. You said it your self. You have this high load when you are streaming using minidlna. I am telling you that it’s because Linux is calculating it from both cpu and io. When cpu waits for io it does nothing but system calculates it as load. This way you can get more than “maximal possible load” as cpu can work on multiple io tasks. This is normal. Don’t worry about it. Just ignore load… it’s misleading metric on such small device as Turris anyway.

Ok, one thing which i had to start first. :slight_smile: Nas and dlna server starts to not responding when there is such a big load. So this is the main error for me, that nas and dlna are not responding.

AFAIK even newest kernels account waiting for I/O (like rotating drive) into load. EDIT: only some kinds of waiting do that, I think, and e.g. epoll probably doesn’t.

It was broken HDD. With new one it is working again.